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May and June Highlights

Posted by Dave Kilbey on Sunday 04 July 2010 at 12:50pm

May and June were a packed month for photography.  With so much going on in the spring it’s always difficult trying to decide what to focus on.  This May I spent nearly 3 weeks in Southern Spain photographing birds (and confusing the locals with my broken Spanish).  Since coming back to England I’ve been concentrating on flowers, dragonflies and butterflies. 

June’s Photos

June has been a lovely month photographically speaking - lots of 4am starts at the weekends to try and photograph dragonflies and butterflies (I still haven’t quite recovered).  Orchids have been a major theme this month too with some incredible displays on Wiltshire Wildlife Trust managed reserves around the county.  Among the highlights have been Fly, Bee, Fragrant, Lesser-butterfly, Heath, Southern-Marsh, Pyramidal and enormous numbers of Common-Spotted Orchids. 

A four-spotted chaser

A female banded demoiselle

A male common blue

A large skipper

You can see some of these and other June images (including all the orchids) here:

A selection of June’s Images

May’s Photos

Having spent most of May wrapped up in bird photography I’ve found switching to insects and flowers an exciting change/challenge.  I was in Southern Spain for nearly 3 weeks at the beginning of May photographing the amazing bird life of that region from Collared Pratincoles through to Bee-eaters and a huge variety of herons and birds of prey. 

Azure-winged Magpie

Eurasian Spoonbill in flight

Griffon Vulture in flight

Squacco heron hunting in reeds with reflection on water

Meadow in Extremadura

Black-winged Stilt at sunrise

If you’re interested in seeing more of these pictures I’ve put a gallery together of some of the highlights at the link which follows. 

A selection of May’s Images

Other News

Never having entered competitions before I was shocked to find out that 3 of my images of amphibians (linked below) were short-listed for the British Wildlife Photography Awards.  I won’t find out until August if any of them have made it through but the nervous wait hasn’t caused me any sleepless nights - owing to all the early starts it’s staying awake past lunchtime that’s the problem.


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